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Welcome to Your Movement Project, guided by me, Catherine Stifter. I'm a Nutritious Movement® certified Restorative Exercise Specialist offering classes and workshops, individual coaching and outdoor training to assist every body to move in more balanced and functional ways.

I teach essential, eye-opening exercises to get more of you moving, down to the cellular level. You apply this knowledge to your daily life, developing new rhythms and habits. We support each other to be fully alive in our bodies.

What is Restorative Exercise?

  • a set of 70+ corrective exercises that you can learn and practice in order to have a stronger and more functional body

  • a way of pinpointing physical weaknesses for the purpose of improving flexibility, strength, mobility and balance

  • a path to wellness through frequent, consistent practice of simple, specific movements

  • a movement method that helps unwind the tensions of modern living.

I became a Restorative Exercise Specialist to offer movement programs that will change your body for the better and change your ideas about what bodies like yours can do. 

And along the way, you'll find a community of people who want to move more and move better.

Just like you do.

This is YOUR movement project. Let's go!

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