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Catherine teaching at All Around the Core workshop, March 2019

Catherine teaching at All Around the Core workshop, March 2019

Your Movement Project begins with Restorative Exercise. 

You'll learn a set of corrective exercises developed by biomechanist Katy Bowman to restore the movement nutrients that are missing from the modern lives of most of us. She has certified me to teach these to you through her organization, Nutritious Movement®.

These simple, yet challenging, movements increase mobility, balance and function. Learn essential movements and habits that you can transfer from the studio into daily life. Train with us on local trails for some #vitaminnature and #vitamincommunity.

All bodies welcome and encouraged.

Monthly packages are now available. Includes one individual coaching session, four classes and a fitness hike. Have questions? Schedule a chat!


Movement Improvement

The key to improving flexibility, strength and balance is moving more of you more often. We all need a movement diet that includes macro nutrients like squatting and hanging as well as micro nutrients that wake up parts of you that barely move from day to day. Whatever your fitness level, modern life locks you into unhealthy postures that cause pain and damage tissues.

In this 4-week program, we'll explore corrective exercises, body alignments and lifestyle changes that can help build healthy habits and make all your moves more nutritious.

Get more from your workouts.

Ease pain and stiffness as you increase outdoor activities.

Get ready for summer adventures.

Week 1 - Better Balance Begins with Feet

Week 2 - Build Strength to Get Up and Get Down

Week 3 - Happy Hips & Supple Shoulders

Week 4 - Re-align Your Core and Spine

Movement Improvement is inclusive and body positive. The relaxed learning pace is designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels.

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Individual Coaching

An individual coaching session is a great way get to know this movement method. We'll have time to talk about your health, your goals and how you want to get moving.

Intro is 90 minutes and includes a basic equipment kit and a one-month personal movement plan.

Solo Session is 60 minutes.

Monthly Package includes a 60-minute session, plus up to four weekly Restorative Exercise classes in 30 days, plus a fitness adventure hike on the first Sunday of each month.

Intro (new clients) $99

Solo Session (for current clients) $75

Monthly Package $115

Here’s a link to book any kind of Individual Coaching Session.

Still have questions? Schedule a Chat with me before you book coaching sessions. Let’s make sure what I teach is a good fit for your movement needs. Thank you.

Restorative Exercise

Learn essential movements to align, stretch and strengthen your body.

Get back to moving like you used to. Move with less pain and more ease than ever. Small class size means you get hands-on attention as you move through a guided flow of corrective exercises and body alignments in each class. Explore ways to take what you're learning in the studio into everyday life.

NEW! Natural Movement Practice Hour

Every Wednesday 8am-9am

in June and July

Center of Movement, Grass Valley

Donation-based, Drop in OK

Reserve Wednesday classes.

Thursday 12pm – 1:00pm

Center of Movement, Grass Valley

Drop in any time.

$15 per class

Reserve Thursday classes.

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