Spring Tune Up Workshops

Restorative Exercise for every body. 


Tune Up 2: All Around the Core

Sunday March 17, 11:00am-1:00pm

Explore how your core is essential to every move you make. The core is not just your abdomen, but everything to which your arms and legs are attached.

Learn whole body movement solutions for better breathing, digestion, elimination and reproductive functions while you strengthen your torso and improve your posture.

Practice new ways to lengthen and strengthen the muscles around your abdomen, ribs, spine and pelvis while you release core tensions that cause pain and weakness.

This 2-hour workshop is co-taught with Renee Klorman, L.Ac., RES-CPT of Roots and Burls Medicine.

Tune Up 3: Be Nice to Your Knees

Saturday May 4, 11:30am-1:30pm

Take some pressure off these over-stressed joints by focusing on the strength and flexibility of your feet and hips. You may be able to prevent knee injuries and surgeries by changing movement habits. Already injured? Learn corrective exercises that will support (and possibly shorten) your rehab process. Move more of you to respect and protect your knees as you stand, walk, bend and squat.

Did you miss the first workshop in our tune up series? Strong and Supple Upper Body exercises will be covered in all Restorative Exercise classes during the month of February. Reserve your space now in the weekly Thursday noon-1pm class at Center of Movement in Grass Valley, CA.