Summer Workshops

Restorative Movement for every body. 

Fit, Fabulous Feet (1).jpg

Your feet are your foundation for whole body health. Learn exercises and alignments to relieve pain as you restore strength and mobility to your amazing feet. It’s never too late to take simple steps for healthy feet.

There are 200 bones in the body, 25% of those are below the ankles. Your amazing foot has 33 joints. The reason why feet are supposed to be so mobile is so that they can communicate upwards to the rest of the body.  

You need mobility and muscle strength for that. Problems with legs, knees and hips may originate from over-use and under-use injuries of the foot. Bunions are not hereditary and can be prevented.

You’ll learn the exercises (and the science of foot health) from biomechanist Katy Bowman’s book, “Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief.” And hear why she says walking barefoot more often and wearing minimal shoes (with no heels!) can begin to improve your feet right away! You’ll leave with a 10-minute daily routine for fit and fabulous feet!

This 2-hour workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Center of Movement, 107 W. Main Street, Grass Valley.